James Carman grew up on a ranch in Texas. He specialized in raising hogs and baling hay. After reading many books, he left the countryside to study creative writing and electronic music. Upon graduation, he picked up his knapsack and decided to see the world. He moved to Berlin in 1986 and worked as a photographer. In 1988 he composed a rock opera called, The Outsider’s Overture. From 1989 to 1993 he studied film production in San Francisco and Berlin. His short films premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and the Locarno Film Festival.

After a decade in Europe, he moved to New York City where he works as a cinematographer and photographer. He is based in the states but works all over the world.

He has shot four features by Bruce la Bruce, two films by Ela Troyano, along with others by John Cafiero, Tim Kirkman, and Isabelle Stever, along with many documentaries and commercials.

James is now working on his own documentary, called THE HIDDEN HAND, which explores theories of alien contact throughout history.

Otto or Up With Dead People, Feature Film. Sundance and Berlin Film Festival.
Gisela, Isabel Stever, Feature film. Berlin Film Festival. Best Feature in Crossing Borders Festival, Austria. Best Feature in the Russian Baltic Debuts Film Festival.
Hustler White, Bruce La Bruce, Sundance and Berlin Film Festival Premiere; Toronto, Canne and Tokyo Film Festival; Theatrical/video release by Strand Releasing.
Latin Boys Go to Hell, Ela Troyano, Berlin Film Festival. Theatrical/video release.
The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me, Tim Kirkman, Theatrical/DVD release, Film Next.
Big Money Hustlas, John Cafiero, with the Insane Clown Posse and the Jerky Boys, produced by Island Records. Video, DVD Release.
Raspberry Reich, Bruce La Bruce, Sundance and Berlin Film Festival Premiere; Theatrical/video release by Strand Releasing.
Skin Flic, Bruce Labruce, Rotterdam Film Festival, Edinburough Film Fest. Theatrical Release in Europe and N.America. DVD release, Strand Releasing.
Nancy and Frank, Wolf Gremm, European Coproduction.
New York DP/ Special aerial cinematography. Theatrical Release in Germany
Circle’s Short Circuit, Caspar Strake, Threatrical screenings at MOMA and Anthology Film Archives.
The Trey Billings Show, David Briggs, comedy, DVD release
Hacks, Glenn Rockawitz, comedy. Digidance and NY Independent Festival
Bloodlines, Darryl De Angelo.
The Sweet Life, Rocco Simonelli. DVD release.

Siemens, Roman Kuhn
White Elephant Hotel, James Carman
Washington State Lottery, Glenn Rockowitz, 2 commercials
Target, Mathias Clamer, Commercial
Guess ? with supermodel Laetitia,
Parenting Magazine, James Carman
WebMD, Jason Kelly, 35mm, Curious Pictures and Tomato Films.
MTV Networks, Matt Heron, Table top food spot with MTV stewardess.
Lucent Technologies, Dave Williams, HD commercial
Pfizer, David Sandbank.
Media Metrics, Michael Bennett.
3D Orchestrate, Richard Rickaby.
Sparta, Terry Richardson, for London clothing store ICM
Gondal-F, Joe Samodi, fertility drug

Al Capp, Caitlin Manning (in production)
The Net, Lutz Dammbeck, Documentary for ARTE.
Breaking the Rules, Michael Almareda, Doc. with Peter Fonda
Eruf, Kai Wiesinger, Doc. about orthodox Jews, Berlin Festival
Talmud, Yahuda Safati, Documentary, Canal Plus and ARTE
Autism, Gary Keys, Documentary
Menahim and Fred, Ronit Kertsner, Documentary, Canal Plus and ARTE
What is Yoga?, by Jivamukti Yoga with Willem Dafoe. Distributed by Mystic Fire.
La Lupe, Ela Troyano, Documentary for PBS about the Cuban singer.
ModeRNE, Miriam Dehne, ARTE, Fashion Documentary on the AS4 designers.
Asana, Sacred Dance, yoga dance film. Distributed by Mystic Fire Video
Not in Our Name, about family members of 9-11 victims.
The Marriage Makers, Miriam Dehne, ARTE(France)/ZDF(Germany), 55min.
Heros, Marie Cactus, ARTE(France)/ZDF(Germany), 55min.

Misogyny, Music Video, Band:Rusty, Dir. Bruce La Bruce.
Awarded best conceptual Music Video ‘96 for More Music Canada
Victor Manuel,“Que Habria Sido de Mi”, Salsa music video,

The Floys of Neighorly Lane, Danielle Farnaldo,
1st prize in Ft. Lauderdale Film Fest., 1st prize Marco Island Fest.
Open Light, James Carman, Prize for artistic merit, Interfilm Festival Berlin
Fascist, Jürgen Brünning, 25 min., First prize Berlin Video Festival.

Maine International Film Workshops, Taught Cinematography and Videography.

210 1st Ave. Suite 20 NY, NY 10009
Ph/fax. 212-533-8806; james@timetravelerarts.com

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